St Michael's CE Primary


Tri-School Leadership Team - Holy Trinity, St Michael's & St Ann's

Mr Simon Knowles

Executive Headteacher

Miss Meera Shah

Head of School

Mrs Jayne Reeve

Executive Business Manager

Mrs Hannah Bush

Head of Curriculum and Music

Miss Alice Parker

Leading Practitioner - Inclusion and SENco


 Tri-School Leadership Team Photocard

Extended Leadership Team (ELT)

Miss Meera Shah

Head of School

Mr Tom Connelly

Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs Beth Rose

Leading Practitioner - STEM

Miss Alice Baggely 

Leader of Learning - English

Mrs Sherma Benti-Scott 

Leader of Learning - Maths & RE

ELT Photocard

Admin Team and Facilities

Miss Farrah Foster

School Administrator & Communications

Mr Jiovani Andrade

Facilities Manager

Mr Fabrizio Boem

Site Manager

Admin & Facilities Photocard

Teaching and Learning Team (Early Years and KS1)

Miss Christina Kanouta

Class Teacher (Reception)

Mr Tom Connelly

Class Teacher (Year 1)

Mr Barry Antonis

Class Teacher (Year 2) 

Mr Raphael Abedi Teaching Assistant
Miss Sandra Achille Teaching Assistant


Early Years and KS1 Photocard

Teaching and Learning Team (KS2)

Mrs Louise Bergin

Class Teacher (Year 3) 

Mrs Beth Rose

Class Teacher (Year 4) 

Miss Alice Baggely 

Class Teacher (Year 5) 

Mrs Sherma Benti-Scott

Class Teacher (Year 6) 

Miss Susan Miller

Teaching Assistant

Miss Amanda Mulligan

Teaching Assistant

Miss Grace Mafolabomi



KS2 Photocard

Additional Staff

Mrs Palmi Buschi

Spanish Teacher

Mr Andrew Kinoshi Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Bergin Teacher

Miss Nadia Williams

Guidance Counsellor

Miss Amie Georgiou

Leader of Early Years Reading


Additional Staff Photocard